Who do you want to understand better?

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How does it work?

1. Tell us who you'd like to understand better.

You could be a Democrat looking to better understand and accept Republicans or vice-versa.

2. We'll insert curated, positive posts in your Facebook feed.

These posts will highlight the positive aspects of those you wish to understand and be more accepting of.

3. You'll learn to understand and accept thy fellow countrymen.

As you learn more about those different from you, you'll come to understand their positive qualities. It's akin to "brainwashing for good".

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See Escape Your Bubble In Action

Your Facebook Feed With EscapeYourBubble

Facebook feed example

We insert a clearly-marked article into your Facebook Feed.

A small, red strip indicates the article was inserted by your Chrome Extension.


The article will reflect who you are trying to understand better.

If you are trying to become more understanding and accepting of Republicans, the articles you will see will highlight the positive aspects of Republicans, and vice-versa.


Articles will come from a variety of high-quality sources.

In this case, the article came from hbr.org (the Harvard Business Review).